“There’s NOTHING Compassionate About Letting Someone ‘Stew’ in Their Addiction!”

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Former Drug Dealer Tells How San Francisco Failed the Homeless – Ricci Wynne

When we confuse a care-less pity with genuine compassion, you get the chaos that San Francisco is now unleashing on it’s citizens.

Pity cares little for outcomes and is so often one-dimensional in its focus. Compassion – true compassion (geared to more than the now demanding ‘felt need’ of a broken individual) always seeks to restore to wholeness. Anything less is either pointless or pandering; Or worse a belief that this deeply damaged, but precious individual is little more than a self-harming ‘entity’ who has invoked a ‘human right’ to self-destruct and been given pass by the ‘careless’ to do just that.

And we are calling this ‘progress’??

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