USA: Vaping Killing People and We Want Banks to Support This?

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“Over 2000 marijuana businesses along with their lobbyist put their thumbs on the scales of democracy and scored a big win for themselves and a huge loss for public health and safety.”
-Scott Chipman

The passage of the “Safe” Banking act comes in the wake of increasingly damning evidence that marijuana is anything but safe.

Child Deaths – The #1 drug associated with a child’s death is marijuana. Marijuana was the substance most identified as actively being used by the perpetrator in child abuse and neglect-related fatalities as found in state reports in Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Between 30% and 40% of all child deaths are associated with marijuana use.

Teen Suicides – There has been a 58% increase in suicides of Colorado teens since marijuana was legalized

Vaping THC – Deaths related to vaping THC continue to grow in number. On the day of the “SAFE” bank act, two more people died from these industries products. Safe? The death toll is now 11 and is expected to climb

Car Crashes – Deaths related to marijuana user car crashes are on the rise.  Deaths related to marijuana impaired driving double in Washington state the year after “legalization.”

Scromiting- or Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, also known as CHS – Severe vomiting, nausea and abdominal pain leading to fatal dehydration. Like vaping injuries this syndrome is not well known but its diagnosis is rapidly growing.  A few deaths have been noticed so far but more will be showing up as the public and media become more aware.

These deaths likely represent less than 1% of those who don’t die but are seriously injured and harmed by marijuana use and users.

“Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana call on Senators to wake up to the harms of this drug and stop facilitating the pot industry in their addicting and endangering the citizens of the United States.”
-Carla Lowe

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