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It’s a brand new year! This month, we are calling on you to reject Big Marijuana and resolve to educate others of its harms.
SAM is proud to release this toolkit to help in your work.
Some one-liners to share on social media:
  • Big Marijuana continues its profits-over-people business model to hook new users from the young to the elderly. For example, The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found monthly marijuana use for those 12 and older is up 42% in Nevada while the same study found more and more older Americans are using marijuana than ever before.
  • Education is the best line of defense- Knowing the facts about marijuana and its harms will shield people from addiction.
  • Addiction is real and treatable- Cannabis Use Disorder is linked to psychotic and depressive symptoms, but the National Institutes of Health has several options to kick the habit.
  • The Marlboro Man is investing in marijuana vaping- Altria is spending big bucks to grab a piece of Big Marijuana, investing 1.8 billion dollars in Canadian marijuana company Cronos Group, and there’s word the e-cigarette company Juul could be next. There’s good reason. According to the 2018 Monitoring the Future survey, vaping marijuana is up 63 percent for eighth and tenth graders across America.
Videos to help end addiction and educate others:

Sample tweets:
Sample Facebook post:
  • Make 2019 your best year yet! If that means stopping your marijuana addiction, then start now. Kick Big Marijuana out the door by learning the facts about recreational marijuana, not the lies from this profits-over-people industry. It’s time to put your life back in your hands.
2019 is here, and with the new year ahead, many people are making resolutions for the next 365 days. Make one of them educating others on the hazards of commercialized marijuana, or if you are using, make it your goal to kick the habit.
Look to the future of a world without Big Marijuana and what it brings to society, including skyrocketing drugged driving, the targeting of  children and the  low-income communities as well as  arrest disparities.
Moreover, if you do know someone with a  Cannabis Use Disorder, use this information to inform them and give them hope from the hopeless brought by Big Marijuana.


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