USA: Michigan & North Dakota – getting SMART ABOUT Marijuana!

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Dear Friend,
Today, President Trump signed the SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act into law. This is an important step in curbing our Nation’s addiction epidemic, but we know addiction does not start with opioids. All too often, it starts with marijuana. So we’re not surprised by recent research finding, once again, a strong link between marijuana and opioids. (See SAM’s new marijuana and opioid one pager here.)
On this note, we are double downing on our support in the fight against marijuana commercialization in Michigan and North Dakota. Indeed, in just a couple of short weeks, voters will be heading to the ballot box.
We have seen polls turn to our favor in two battleground states: North Dakota and Michigan. There, our efforts have paid off thanks to our grassroots coalitions and partnerships on the ground.
In a historic move, the largest NAACP chapter in the world stood with us yesterday in support of our campaign, along with faith and other social justice leaders.
Kamilia K. Landrum, Deputy Director, Detroit Branch NAACP said:
“If passed, this ballot measure adds another layer of the systematic racism that has held our communities of color, particularly African-Americans, in bondage for hundreds of years.”
And in North Dakota today, after our mass communications and billboard campaign in the state was implemented, a new poll found that a whopping 65% of North Dakotans oppose Measure 3. The efforts of Healthy and Productive North Dakotain putting up billboards, hosting press conferences, sending out mailers, and blasting the airwaves have really begun to move the needle.
Check out the latest billboards that are popping up all over the state:
Back in Michigan, we have a team of dedicated volunteers hard at work making phone calls and knocking on doors getting the word out that legalization is the wrong move for the state.
Healthy and Productive Michigan’s Detroit volunteer canvassers
SAM Action President Dr. Kevin Sabet speaking with phone bankers in Detroit
On top of that, the president of the Detroit Branch NAACP, Rev. Dr. Wendell Anthony recorded a video urging Michigan voters to join him in voting NO on the ballot initiative.  Check out that  video  here:
Finally, SAM Chief of Staff and Senior Policy Advisor Luke Niforatos joined Cheddar TV for a live interview on SAM’s efforts in the Midterm Elections, and beyond :

Read some highlights of the coverage of the inspiring Detroit press conference:
-The Detroit News
Friend, our message is being heard, despite the best efforts of Big Marijuana. Each time we have released a ground breaking  achievement  or inspiring endorsement, the marijuana industry puppets try desperately to bury it.
But they can’t stop the momentum we are creating across the country and they can’t stop us from changing hearts and minds every single day in these battleground states.
Thank you for all that you are doing to spread our message and expose the harms of this greedy industry. We absolutely could not do this without all of you. Could you click here to chip in with a donation to help push back against the greedy pot profiteers? Our future is counting on it!
Thank you for all you do,
Dr. Kevin Sabet
Founder and President
Smart Approaches to Marijuana

About SAM

SAM Action is a non-profit, 501(c)(4) social welfare organization dedicated to promoting healthy marijuana policies that do not involve legalizing drugs. SAM Action engages in high-impact political campaigns to oppose marijuana legalization and commercialization.


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