USA – Global: DPA pushing drugs, yet again!

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DECEMBER 4, 2017

The growth of the Drug Policy Alliance’s influence and emphasis on harm reduction contributes to the staggering increase in overdose deaths. DPA gets political mileage from using the term “war on drugs,” turning the phrase into a euphemism.  However, the USA officially abandoned the term eight years ago, and then the death rate began to rise.

Drug Policy Alliance recently put out a paper on decriminalizing all drugs, a first step towards legalization of all drugs. This group often talks about Portugal as an example which is misleading, because Portugal never legalized drugs. Portugal decriminalized drugs while providing assessments and treatment.   Although drug use initially went down under Portugal’s decriminalization policy, drug use has gone up recently.

The Czech Republic’s decriminalization of drugs led to a big increase in drug use, and DPA never mentions it.   If people knew more about the Czech Republic, they wouldn’t buy into DPA’s spin.

Drug Policy Alliance uses “social justice” reasons to push for legalization of drugs, first through decriminalization.  Although “social justice” is a vague term, which is hard to explain, the organization uses the term to make people feel they support racial equality by supporting marijuana legalization.  For a variety of reasons, Parents Opposed to Pot strongly disagrees. For complete article Pot Brains Making Drug Policy – That’s gonna work – NOT!


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