USA: Employers beware the ‘dronabinol’ Snare!!!

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An interesting vignette on the ever increasing volume of the ‘Slick Stoner’ Narrative!

Dronabinol has been on the prescription landscape for about 30 years. This THC based, and currently FDA approved Medication, is a failed drug but its market is remarkably large for what started out as an orphan drug more than three decades ago.

Ah, but it’s found a new ‘lease on shelf-life’, it’s useful for getting around the ‘Drug test’ for employers!

Even though it has failed in its indications, it has picked up sales among cannabis users in the 29 states in the USA that have “legalized” medical marihuana or recreational-use marihuana.

The reason is that many corporations doing business in these states have zero tolerance laws for pre-employment drug testing and random drug testing while employed. The only exception — and one that’s necessitated by various state and federal laws on workplace accommodation for workers with diseases or disabilities — is for prescribed drugs.

Thus, if a worker tests positive for an opioid, for example, and she has a valid and current prescription for it, she’s in the clear. Likewise for the pot users if they have a prescription for dronabinol.

Thus, when the potheads visit their pot docs for a prescription for medical pot, they also ask and receive one for dronabinol (Marinol).


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