USA: ‘Cole Memo’ Rolled Back!

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If You Don’t Like Federal Marijuana Laws, Change Them – Don’t Ignore Them

Sessions has repealed 25 other Obama Justice Department “guidance documents.” The “Cole Memo” was an inherently dishonest backdoor gift to white-collar, Wall Street pot dealers.

Yet many of us, like the Cory named “Gardner,” who love seeing any lawless thing Obama did rolled back, suddenly find ourselves awkwardly supporting this one.

Americans enjoy a modicum of protection from illegal drugs stemming from duly enacted and thoroughly adjudicated federal laws separating legal and illegal controlled substances. Should one state be allowed unfettered production of any dangerous substance if it cannot prevent the flow of that substance into neighboring states? Should Colorado replace, or even in effect partner with Mexican drug cartels, enjoying huge profits from drugs distributed to neighboring states that are left only with the downsides?

With the secretive Cole Memo, Barack “pen and phone” Obama effectively voided federal law, for a time, and foisted a new pot industry onto an unsuspecting public.

Setting aside one’s views of pot legality, consider the process. Passing ballot measures is extremely expensive. Passing good laws is, in essence, free. If legal pot makes sense, why would pot proponents not make their case before the public and lawmaking bodies, holding public hearings to change the law?

It is clear that consultants to would-be pot investors informed them that pot is illegal under federal law and 50 state statutes because legalization cannot withstand the scrutiny of public hearings and dueling experts. Thus, the well-heeled pot industry chose the path of backroom deals and direct democracy. They financed ballot issues nationwide that exploited the natural tendency of people of good will to want to ease the suffering of medical patients. They lobbied heavily for the Cole Memo, which gave pot investors the green light to put millions of dollars into state ballot measures, knowing the Obama administration would look the other way.

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