USA: Cannabis Zombie! A Father by ‘name’ only!

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FEBRUARY 8, 2019

The Zombie in the Box

By Colorado Mom I want to post so many things but I am afraid of the backlash unfortunately. I got married almost seven years ago; my husband and I have been separated over 5 years of it. At that time, he picked up marijuana usage. It is so extreme but he does not participate in our marriage or our family. We have 5-year-old little girl together and it greatly affects both of us including my other two children. He refuses to get a divorce or move back home. We live in Colorado and I am stuck in limbo.

He calls it his “medicine” and we argue about it so many times. One time I went to his place to tell him about the beauty pageant his daughter was in just a few blocks away. He was such a zombie just from marijuana. I don’t think he even knew I was there. It was like talking to a brick wall and one of the saddest things I’ve ever experienced. So many people tell me he must be doing other drugs, but I know he’s not. The marijuana is just extreme and he justifies it saying he needs it to sleep or his headaches or this or that.

I hate how much marijuana makes a person not care and lazy.  It has destroyed my marriage even more than the damage that was caused by his infidelity the first year. If I say anything on social media people get mad and say oh so you don’t believe that it’s okay for kids with seizures for cancer patients. But almost every single person I know that uses marijuana doesn’t have seizures or cancer.

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