USA: Author Against Weed Gets Death Threats! But hey man! Weed is Chill???

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Author of book claiming to ‘prove’ a link between the legislation of cannabis and a rise in violent crime receives death threats

  • Alex Berenson said there is ‘conclusively’ a link which he sets out in his book
  • ‘ I’ve been stunned by the backlash,’ the author said following the controversy
  • The murder rate rose more than 44 per cent in Washington over four years
  • He has branded the legislation of cannabis as ‘a catastrophic mistake’
  • But critics of his book have branded it ‘reefer madness’


PUBLISHED: 11:56 AEDT, 27 January 2019

The author of a controversial new book that claims to ‘conclusively prove’ a link between the legalisation of marijuana and a rise in violent crime has received a torrent of death threats.

Alex Berenson, 46, analysed dozens of studies comparing murders and violent assaults in US states where marijuana is legal for his book Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness And Violence.

But the married father of two said he was ‘unprepared’ for the backlash, including death threats on social media and people ringing his home to threaten his children.

‘You can never be prepared for death threats but I’ve been stunned by the backlash,’ he said.

Reflecting on the lessons from his research, he warned that the rush to legalise marijuana in the UK is a ‘catastrophic’ mistake, adding: ‘Those in the UK who are pushing to legalise cannabis should look at the US.

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