UK: Self-Medicating Minors not Managing, but why?

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Xanax: The cult drug engulfing anxious young Brits

Xanax is rapidly becoming the “cult” drug of choice among young people and requires an immediate inquiry, parents, doctors and MPs have warned.

Teenagers and young adults – seduced by its popularity in rap lyrics and American culture – are experimenting with the potent tranquilliser, also known as alprazolam, as a party drug or even to self-medicate against their anxiety.

Many we spoke to for our story spoke of “popping Xans” or “Xannies” – which is around 10 times stronger than Valium – as if it is the equivalent of drinking alcohol or smoking.

Some obtain it from local dealers, others from the dark web or US pharmacies, but there is also a booming market on social media.

Within a matter of minutes, we were able to contact a dealer on Instagram and was offered 10 Xanax pills. Ten minutes later, a second seller offered us 100.

So what is fuelling this craze? How prevalent is it? And why are doctors so worried?

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