UK: Nose Candy Clowns Can Cope without Coke!

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Britain’s cocaine crisis: Use doubles in last seven years as one in 50 Londoners snorts the class A drug on a daily basis and purity soars

  • Londoners are taking almost 200,000 doses of cocaine daily, worth £700,000
  • Research by King’s College London also found that class A drug’s purity is rising
  • London and Bristol are among the top cities in Europe for the use of cocaine
  • Analysis of waste water also found some traces of cocaine in fish and shrimps

The use of cocaine in Britain has doubled in seven years, as one in 50 Londoners currently snorts the drug daily.

An analysis of Britain’s waste water, carried out by forensic scientists at King’s College London, has also proved that the purity of the class A drug has gone up, hitting a record high.

Tests of the drug in sewage show Londoners are taking almost 200,000 doses of cocaine every day, which amounts to about £700,000.

Concentrations in wastewater are 900 milligrams per 1,000 of the population per day, which rose from 392 milligrams per 1,000 in 2011.

The average cocaine dose through smoking or snorting is 40 milligrams, meaning that, in a population of nine million people, one in 50 is taking the class A drug on a daily basis.

The research also found out that the use of cocaine in London is almost as high during weekdays as it is at the weekend.

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