UK: Monkey Dust – Just another ‘pro-drug’ propaganda product!

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Victims of ‘monkey dust’: Ravaged faces of 23 lives ruined by psychotic £2 drug

Monkey dust – which is highly addictive – has seen users turn to a live of crime to fund their addiction and can be bought for as little as a few pounds

THE 23 FACES WHO HAVE BEEN RAVAGED BY MONKEY DUST – Shocking photos show the ravaged faces of those whose lives have been ruined by ‘monkey dust’. The drug, which can be bought for a mere £2 has led users to a dark path of crime, as well as violent and psychotic episodes. Some users, dubbed ‘dustheads’, have been responsible for a whole spectrum of offences – from petty shoplifting to brutal stabbings and terrifying rooftop sieges.

What is monkey dust?

Monkey dust is also known by the street name ‘bath salts’. It is a designer drug and its primary ingredient is methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV).

It is made from a chemical known as a cathinone called MDPHP and has a stimulant affect. When consumed, the drug has effects similar to cocaine, methamphetamine (ice), and MDMA.

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This is what the perpetual promotion of drug use leads to! Permission, not Prohibition Models are systematically driving ever increasing drug us! #preventdontpromote

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