UK: Middle Class ‘Flogs’ Driving Drug Use Grief

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The Team has been challenging this hypocritical mindset for over 5 years now, in both seminars and papers.
You can’t expect much else from drug induced self-justification – strip a hectare of rainforest for a ‘hit’ of Coke, ah, but self congratulate with a ‘slactavism’ post on SM about ‘saving the planet’ – If you’re serious about saving the environment, and we should be, then you’d NEVER use WEED, Cocaine, or any other drug, just to get ‘wasted’!
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Middle-class cocaine users helping drug gangs destroy society, says Met chief

Steve Bird 31 JULY 2018

Britain’s most senior police officer has attacked “middle class” cocaine users who worry about “global warming and organic food” but fail to see the harm in illegal drugs.

Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, said the demand from well-off users for the class A drug was helping to fuel the surge in violent gang crime.

Her comments came as a top surgeon declared that the whole of England was now in the grip of a knife crime epidemic.

Adam Brooks, a major trauma surgeon at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, told the Royal Society of Medicine’s Spotlight on Knife Crime: “The key message is this isn’t just London – this is everywhere.”

The conference also heard that paramedics often wear stab vests while treating knife victims because they fear for their safety on the capital’s streets.

Speaking earlier at Scotland Yard, Ms Dick said: “There’s this challenge that there’s a whole group of middle class people who will sit round happily talking about global warming, fair trade, environmental protection and organic farming, but think there’s no harm in taking a bit of cocaine.

“Well, there is. There is misery throughout the supply chain.”

She said she met a “little girl” recently who admitted being afraid when having to walk past “drug dealing paraphernalia” on the stairs of the flats where she lives.

Ms Dick added that raids targeting gangs dealing drugs and resulted in 79 arrests saw residents “appearing on the balcony, clapping and cheering” officers as they led suspects away.

Ms Dick said that there had been 87 murders in London so far this year, in what she described as part of national trend in rise of violent crime.

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