UK: Life up in ‘Vapers’!

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Vapers tricked into buying synthetic cannabis-laced product

An Observer investigation finds a synthetic cannabis substance hidden in liquid William McLennan 2018

Drug producers are capitalising on the rise of vaping to sell a liquid form of “spice” — an illegal synthetic substance nicknamed “zombie” — to unwitting customers.

Suppliers of Kronic Juice, which is being shipped into the UK labelled as a harmless e-liquid, refuse to disclose the ingredients, referring only to a “patent pending flavour enhancer”. However, laboratory tests commissioned by the Observer found it to contain a strain of synthetic cannabis that was banned in 2016.

The same chemical, sprayed on to plant matter and smoked in cigarette papers, was one of the so-called “legal highs” that came to be known as the zombie drug.

The emergence of liquid spice is the latest chapter in a battle between law enforcement and manufacturers, which led to the introduction of a blanket ban under the Psychoactive Substances Act in 2016. For complete story



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