Turkey: Drug Seizures Most in Europe – Supply Interruption Working?

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Amount of drugs seized in Turkey surpasses all European countries: Deputy PM


The amount of drugs seized by the authorities in Turkey surpasses the amount seized in all European countries combined, Deputy Prime Minister Recep AkdaÄŸ stated on Nov. 26.

“This is because drug traffickers use here [Turkey] as a transit route. However, the high figure actually shows the great success of our Interior Ministry and the police department,” AkdaÄŸ said, speaking in an interview with DoÄŸan TV Ankara Representative Hakan Çelik on private broadcaster CNN Türk on Nov. 26.

“Only a small portion of the drugs that enter Turkey are actually used in Turkey,” he said, adding that the government is planning to establish a special commission to fight against addiction. For more go to TRAFFICKED, NOT USED IN TURKEY


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