The legislative session is over! Time to get into training — to beat Big Marijuana!

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It’s Time to Hold a SAM Boot Camp!Now that the legislative session is over, it’s time to start training to continue to beat Big Marijuana and the threat that this industry poses to our kids and communities!  We beat pot legalization in every state in 2017 but it’s time to refresh and learn about new strategies to have another successful 2018!
Here’s how a SAM Boot Camp in your state can help. We go beyond slogans and cliches to give you a data-driven and tested approach to opposing marijuana legalization. This approach has a proven track record of success, especially in state legislatures.
Also, you get to choose the topics that best fit your state’s circumstances.  These can include:Get Past the Hype & Understand What Is Really Going On with Pot Legalization!There are so many stories and media hype about legalization. SAM’s Boot Camps help to get past the hype and gives the real story of pot legalization based on the latest data and research.
Topics include cutting-edge studies on the social costs of marijuana legalization and legalization’s impact on businesses. Learn What to Say and How to Say It!What messages work best? (Hint:  they aren’t always what you might think they are.) Based on years of experience and professional opinion polling, SAM will teach you and your team the messages that have worked best in the field.

Contact SAM now to schedule a SAM Boot Camp so that you can train for success!

Then, we will teach you how to effectively leverage that experience to have the greatest impact in your state!How to Gather More Partners in Your Fight For Health and Safety!Grassroots efforts, combined with the right messages, are what wins this fight!  Learn how to gather more partners for your fight against pot legalization and messages that can be used to influence community leaders.Need Something Smaller?SAM also organizes smaller-scale seminars for smaller groups. Book a 1-to-3 hour talk/training/townhall with us — email us today to learn more!
Contact SAM now to schedule a SAM Boot Camp so that you can train for success!

Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM)

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