S.A.M. News Roundup – June 2017

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News Roundup

June 2017
SAM has been working hard to get out the news on our website and in news outlets throughout the country, so we wanted to give you an update on some of our recent work:

This August 16, SAM will host its Summer Summit on marijuana policy at Baltimore’s Marriott Waterfront hotel, in conjunction with the National Conference on Addiction Disorders.  Speakers will include  

NIDA Director Nora Volkow.   Register now!

The Hill reports on SAM’s win in Vermont –

SAM’s latest win (and winning strategy) in Vermont is featured in The Hill — follow the link below to learn more!  This win also accompanies success in the Rhode Island state legislature, where a SAM-led coalition prevented a legalization bill from passing.

SAM pushes back in New Jersey –
Compton petitions against pot shops –
In New Jersey, a state currently considering  legalization, SAM President Kevin  Sabet goes head-to-head with the executive  director of NORML in an  extended  commentary for Asbury Park Press
SAM was featured in a CBS-LA news story about Compton, California residents protesting pot shops in their community and petitioning Attorney General Sessions to enforce federal marijuana laws

SAM is part of the “Keep Delaware Healthy and Safe Coalition,” and the coalition recently put out a piece in Delaware State News separating myth from fact on marijuana legalization. This coalition successfully pushed back against a marijuana legalization bill this session.

We push back against sham science in a piece in the Miami Herald on attempts to force the Florida government to allow the sale of smoked marijuana:  remember, smoked marijuana is not medicine.

Read about how the marijuana industry has been actively soliciting money from tobacco executives in SAM President Kevin Sabet’s latest piece for The Huffington Post

SAM supporter John Kroneck was published in USA Today with an op-ed denouncing marijuana legalization efforts in his state

SAM released a statement on the recent news that PNC Bank is closing the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP)’s bank accounts
amidst mounting speculation of a crackdown on marijuana  businesses
Kevin Sabet on NPR Chicago

SAM President Kevin Sabet recently went live with NPR Chicago to present the case against marijuana legalization in Illinois, including why legalizing pot won’t make the state richer. Listen here.

Kevin also talked to NPR Boston about buyer’s remorse in Massachusetts, and the path forward on regulations. Listen here.


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As always, thank you for being a SAM supporter – and please don’t hesitate to share this recent news far & wide!

Have a great week,

Anisha Gianchandani

SAM Communications Associate


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