Now is the time to implement effective marijuana DUID laws.

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Now is the time to implement effective marijuana DUID laws.
A new commentary from the Institute for Behavior and Health highlights the role of marijuana in the serious public safety problem of driving under the influence of drugs (DUID). Important lessons can be learned from the inadequate laws implemented in Colorado and Washington, two that have legalized marijuana. With a growing trend to increase legal access to marijuana, policymakers must implement effective laws supported by practical enforcement measures to protect the public.

Setting a legal impairment limit for THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, is impossible because there is no consistent relationship between the blood concentration of THC and driving impairment. Importantly, the problem of drugged driving is not limited to marijuana. As such, IBH reviews current DUI law enforcement procedures and makes recommendations for new DUID actions.

Accompanying this commentary is a model law developed by IBH with the National Partnership on Alcohol Misuse and Crime.

Read the IBH commentary in full.
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