Marijuana Monopoly – The Boston Globe

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I wanted to make sure you saw the latest evidence that corporate interests are looking to take over the legal marijuana industry.  According to a report published in the Boston Globe today, wholesalers involved in delivering and taxing cigarettes in Massachusetts are now trying to take advantage legal marijuana so they can create their own marijuana monopoly.  According to the Globe:

“Plenty of companies are angling to get in on the coming legalized pot bonanza. Some, however, are lobbying the state to carve off a piece just for them: cigarette wholesalers.

The companies that track, deliver, and tax all the cigarettes sold in Massachusetts are seeking a similar monopoly on recreational marijuana when sales begin in 2018. They’ve asked state officials to require marijuana producers to sell all their pot products through them – just as most alcohol has to pass through a wholesaler on its way to bars and package stores.”

Will you help us stand up to the next Big Tobacco industry in Massachusetts and across America?

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