Marijuana Legalization is Anti-Science! But Only the Sober Know This!

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1.Marijuana Legalization is an anti-science Public Health disaster.
It increases hospitalizations from psychosis, vomiting and vaping lung disease traced to vapes from state-regulated stores!

No State Has Been Successful In Regulating Marijuana. It’s failed in Every Metric

  1. Marijuana Legalization is an anti science Environmental Policy which increases fires, pesticides use, water shortages, and climate change harms. The logging industry was shut down in Northern California to save the sequoia trees which are necessary to sequester carbon and prevent global warming. Unfortunately, the marijuana industry moved in and cuts down sequoia trees indiscriminately.  The result, as we have seen this year, is massive fires in the west and more destruction.  Marijuana growers use 5 gallons of water per plant, per day and contribute to California’s water shortages and droughts.
  1. Data shows that Marijuana Legalization is an Anti-Science assault on public safety.
    In the first two states to legalize, crime rose significantly, and traffic fatalities involving THC-impaired drivers increased 50-100%.
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  1. Marijuana Legalization increases the black market for all drugs, and overdose deaths.
  1. Youth and Marijuana, the problems with legalization
    In 2019, the daily use of marijuana among 10th graders rose more than 41% from 2018 and rose almost 86% for 8th graders–to the highest rates in many years. In 2019, 6.4% of 12th graders used marijuana every day. By comparison, only 2.4% used cigarettes every day and 1.7% of 12th graders drank alcohol every day in 2019.
    In 2019, 3.6% of teens vaped marijuana daily.
  1. Tax revenue disappoints.
    Legalization doesn’t get rid of black markets. In states with recreational pot, tax income from pot sales stays significantly below one percent of state revenue

Where there’s “medical” pot, too, big loopholes prevent states from getting the promised tax revenue on “recreational.”

  1. Legalization has not fulfilled the social and racial justice outcomes that were promised, in any states that legalized pot. Legalization unfairly causes more harm in low-income neighborhoods; discrepancies in arrest rates don’t go down after legalization.
    One article calls it the Marijuana Industry’s War on the Poor


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