Legalising Dope will not increase use! Really?

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We’ve had a number of pro-drug lobbyists spew out the rapidly growing mantra declaring ‘you’re crazy if you think by legalizing drugs all of a sudden non users will start using!” We’ll the evidence is mounting, and it is so because of the pro-drug lobby propaganda. – it’s circular ‘push’ and conveniently self-promoting ‘advertisement’ by the peddlers of dysfunction, is gaining traction.

You see, ‘education’ does work!  When demand reduction strategies around cannabis were in full swing in the US, prior to the concerted ‘push’ of the  medical marijuana ‘Trojan Horse Con’, Dope use amongst community and even the young was dropping. However, when the outrageously manipulative con of ‘medical marijuana’ was pushed, the message started coming through, that ‘hey, it’s medicine, it can’t be that bad, can it?’

In Australia, the tobacco smoking rates have plummeted with the relentless ‘QUIT’ campaign and the extraordinary lengths government and health sectors have gone to mercilessly denigrate tobacco use. At NO point and in NO place is tobacco given the slightest bit of ‘good press’ to the point where most young people think that smoking cigarettes is more harmful than using cannabis!  NO mixed message, this legal drug is costing us billions and the healthcare system is struggling under the weight of the self-inflicted harms of the tobacco user.

But, apparently all this damage won’t happen with Cannabis use, if you believe the hype of the pro-drug lobby!

The mention of any burden on the already stressed healthcare system is actively avoided by the pro-drug lobbyist. The conversation around reduced productivity resulting from drug use is glaringly obvious by its omission from the conversation. The dysfunction and duress on families and communities and the mounting cost to taxpayers, by the purveyors and consumers of illicit drugs is never raised! That’s what turns ‘education’ into propaganda, the culling of all data contrary to the position being promoted.

So, of course,  ‘education’ can work both ways, and the reverse can be true… bang the ‘drugs are harmless, drugs are good, drugs are my human right’ drum long enough and loud enough, using spurious titles and specious data… and wolah! Marijuana (and other drugs) is not only not ‘bad for you’, but it’s actually beneficial!  Contrary to the evidence!

Only this week we see another example of how this ‘education’ has been working

SEATTLE (AP) – Washington high school students who participated in a statewide survey say they are twice as likely to smoke marijuana as cigarettes, and the state’s top health official. Mary Selecky,  Washington Health Secretary said Thursday “she’s worried that a new marijuana law may make prevention efforts more difficult…As the perception of harm goes down, use goes up,”





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