Ireland: Your weekend ‘snort’ of blow generating violence

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People warned that small weed or cocaine habits are fuelling violent crime


Jennings noted that research published in 2016 for the CityWide Drugs Crisis Campaignshowed that drug debt intimidation involves more than threats – with 76% of people surveyed reporting verbal intimidation, while 46% said they were subjected to physical violence and 32% reported damage to their property or home.

He added that over two-thirds of people experiencing drug debt intimidation said they have mental health problems as a result, while almost four in 10 people surveyed said they have experienced a physical injury.

The National Family Support Network and the Garda National Drugs Unit have established a programme to assist those experiencing drug debt intimidation.

Generating money for organised crime

Jennings said there is “a clear need to raise awareness among recreational drug users — not just in Blanchardstown but right across the country — of the fact that their small bit of hash or cocaine is driving the intimidation of drug users and their families”.

Speaking about the campaign, Inspector Tony Twomey said many recreational drug users don’t realise the role they play in ongoing drugs feuds.

“Often people who engage with recreational drug use do not see the link with organised crime and intimidation and its contribution to what’s happening on the bigger scene at the moment with the major feuds,” Twomey said. For complete story ‘Social Justice of JUST US!’


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