Health Canada Highlights Dangers of Marijuana Use for Youth!

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“As Health Minister, I am standing side by side with medical professionals and researchers with a clear message — There are serious health risks for youth associated with marijuana.  It is not safe. It should not be promoted or endorsed.  Together, with our partners we will work to make sure youth and parents have the right information about the risks associated with smoking and using marijuana.”
Rona Ambrose
Minister of Health

“Research has shown the negative impact of marijuana on developing minds. As a child psychiatrist, I have seen firsthand the tragic consequences on young Canadians. We need to do more, and the Canadian Medical Association encourages a public health approach that includes a nationwide marijuana cessation campaign to ensure our youth are aware of the real risks and harms associated with marijuana usage.”
Dr. Gail Beck
Member, Canadian Medical Association Board of Directors

“The Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse was pleased to participate in today’s roundtable with Minister Ambrose and some of Canada’s leading scientists and researchers to discuss the health risks that marijuana poses for young people.  We will continue to work with Health Canada and other partners, and through our Health Promotion and Drug Prevention Strategy for Canada’s Youth, to provide factual, coordinated and consistent information to help prevent marijuana use among Canadian youth.”
Michel Perron
CEO of the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

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