Global: Why Marijuana is such a dangerous drug! #Recovery Month

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September 2018 By Sue B

It doesn’t strike people down like pills or heroin does. It doesn’t make the heart explode like cocaine or methamphetamine can. A person in withdrawal from marijuana isn’t screaming in pain. So what makes weed the most dangerous?

Simply because so many people believe that it is harmless. As Richard Adamski, a 30-year marijuana user, put it, “In my strong opinion, cannabis is the most dangerous drug because most people think it isn’t.” Now that he’s stopped consuming cannabis, he says, “I am 66 now and nothing to show for what I’ve done in my life because of marijuana.”

Selling the Idea It’s Harmless

Once a person believes that this drug is harmless, it becomes incredibly hard to change their mind. This is a phenomenon that pro-legalization advocates count on. They know they only have to convince a population that cannabis products should be able to be provided to those who are ill. As soon as they get that idea accepted, medical marijuana laws go on the ballot. Whether this idea is true or not, when enough people accept it, marijuana quickly becomes legal for medical use. Of course, the regulations for qualifying for medical marijuana are hazy and loose in most states. It doesn’t matter. The population has accepted the idea that marijuana is not only harmless, it’s medicine.

Once this belief is instilled in a population, it can skew some people’s thinking in the most astounding ways.  For many people parenting high is a formula for success.  If you doubt it, take a look at these couple of articles.

“Responsible” parenting while using marijuana isn’t possible. At least 113 child abuse deaths related to caregiver marijuana use the legalization of marijuana.

This belief in harmlessness can lead to some misguided thinking. A school administrator in Spokane, Washington told the story of a student who had a bag of marijuana confiscated from her.  The student’s mother came to the school and asked for her bag of marijuana back because, after all, it belonged to her and not her daughter. No, she didn’t get her wish.

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