GLOBAL: S.A.M and Sabet – Dispatching the Myths on Marijuana

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Reefer Sanity: Seven Great Myths About Marijuana Second Edition Now Available!

“A most compelling look…Sabet explores this challenging landscape and arrives at more comprehensive, effective solutions than either legalization or incarceration could provide to deal with marijuana use.”  – Dr. Drew Pinsky

Newly revised and updated in order to keep debunking the myths as they arise, “Reefer Sanity: Seven Great Myths About Marijuana” is now available in its second edition!

Reefer Sanity, authored by Dr. Kevin Sabet, founder and president of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) and former Senior Drug Policy Advisor to President Obama, examines the socio-economic impact of marijuana policies, the ideological underpinnings of the issues at hand, and the stubborn myths that perpetuate around the drug.

Dr. Sabet handily demonstrates how the false dichotomy of legalization versus prohibition is flawed and also how it is hindering our ability to find better solutions to drug policies. Don’t take our word for it, the reviews are in:

  • “For backers of legalization, Sabet is dangerous, because he can’t be easily dismissed as a reefer-madness-style propagandist. The marijuana reform community should play close attention to his arguments, and the prohibitionists, if they have any plans to reverse the tide, should do the same.” – Ryan Grim, DC bureau Chief, The Intercept
  • “A clear-cut argument dispelling the hazy myths about a dangerous drug that threatens all of us, especially the next generation.” – William C. Moyers, VP, Public Affairs, Hazelden
  • “Compassionate and knowledgeable, Kevin Sabet is the most important new voice in the American drug policy debate. Policymakers, parents, and concerned citizens should heed his meticulously factual case against marijuana legalization.” – David Frum, Senior Editor, The Atlantic

Be sure to pick up your copy of “Reefer Sanity: Seven Great Myths About Marijuana” today by clicking here!


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