GLOBAL: Proscribing Pot Physician Proved Profoundly Correct on Cannabis Curse!

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Eight years ago, this obituary of  Dr Gabriel Nahas appeared in by a pot advocate.

“Nahas led a group of researchers who testified that marijuana may cause lung damage, birth defects, genetic abnormalities, shrinkage of the brain, impairment of the immune system, reduction in testosterone levels, and sterility. With the exception of lung damage related to smoking (which is not a serious risk for occasional users and can be avoided through oral ingestion or the use of vaporizers), all of these alleged hazards proved to be exaggerated or unfounded.”

The author was somewhat charitable to Dr. Nahas by acknowledging he “was telling what they believe to be the truth in the service of goals they consider noble. Although reformers have long viewed Nahas as a leading villain in the drama of the drug war, he was a hero in the fight against the Nazis, a demonstrably courageous man with strong convictions that were sadly mistaken.”

That is high praise from an adversary.  The interesting part is that Dr. Nahas was not mistaken. In fact, almost all of his ideas that were ridiculed have been replicated by recent research. I included hyperlinks in the text above that connect to recent research that shows how right Dr. Nahas was. He was way ahead of his time, and he did most of his research before CB receptors were discovered.

BMJ Obituary

Submitted by Dr R.K… New York State

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