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You may not have heard about this, but the City of Denver narrowly voted yesterday to become the first city in history to decriminalize the use of “magic mushrooms.”

In 2012, when opponents of marijuana legalization said that lax attitudes towards marijuana would lead to lax attitudes towards other drugs, we were laughed at.

Well, no one is laughing now

The marijuana industry has invested heavily into changing public perception on marijuana to give it more leeway in its pursuit of massive profits – even as more and more data comes to light showing how harmful its widespread use is becoming.

We must take action and push back against this NOW

Click here to donate and help us better educate the public on the overreach of the pot industry and help prevent the commercialization of magic mushrooms or the next drug they will try to include on their menus next.

The goals of the groups pushing to legalize marijuana do not stop with pot and this serves as further proof of that. These deep pocketed groups will not rest until every drug is legalized and commercialized.

We must stand up and stop them now

Thank you for all you do,

Dr. Kevin Sabet,
Founder and President
Smart Approaches to Marijuana

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