CANADA: POT POLICY too complicated, or only for Stoners?

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WATCH: Trudeau officials can’t answer simple question on his pot law

April 4, 2018 Brian Lilley Canadian Politcs

So how many pot plants can you have when the new law legalizing marijuana, sorry cannabis, takes effect?

Can you have two plants, four plants, more plants? Does it matter if the plants are budding or flowering?

That last part is a question that Senator Denise Batters wanted to know the answer to. Batters, a lawyer and former top aide to a provincial justice minister had read the legislation and found it didn’t quite make sense.

So at the Senate Legal Affairs Committee, Senator Batters asked the representatives from Public Safety and the RCMP about some confusion in the law which at Section 8.1 (e) states that it is illegal, “for an individual to possess more than four cannabis plants that are not budding or flowering.”

Batters had a simple question, “Does that mean that you could potentially possess more than four plants if they are budding or flowering?”

After a long pause, officials say they can’t answer the question

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