California – Support for Proposition 64 Support Falls

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New Poll: Support for Proposition 64 Support Falls Sharply as California Voters Learn More Details about Corporate-Friendly Measure

September 12, 2016 Contact: Jeff Zinsmeister [email protected] +1 (703) 665-1410

[Alexandria, VA] – A new poll on California’s Proposition 64 shows weakening support among California voters as they learn more about the measure’s corporate-friendly details — including provisions that could allow marijuana smoking and edible ads on prime-time television, including on programs with millions of underage viewers.

The new poll shows that when asked generally about the measure only 52% of California voters indicated they would support Proposition 64. This is down a full 19 points from a September 7 poll on the same issue. It also comes in the wake of another poll from early September showing that, when voters were informed of Prop 64’s advertising provisions, support dropped to 43%.

“This survey shows that Prop 64’s support is far softer than its proponents insinuate,” said Kevin Sabet, President of SAM Action. “When people learn that Prop 64 is really about letting a few billionaires make money, and not civil rights or criminal justice, they take a very different view of it. And when specifically told of Prop 64’s advertising provisions — which would turn back the clock to the early 1970s, before we banned smoking ads on TV — they really don’t approve.”

Complete results of the poll can be found here.


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