California: Another Stunt to Sanitize ‘medicinal pot’

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California: SB-223 Is A Marijuana Media Stunt
Kids Allowed to Take “Medi Pot” at K-12 Schools

Governor Gavin Newsom signs SB-223, California students will be allowed to take marijuana at K-12 schools, but only under certain conditions and only in districts that decide not to opt-out.

No cannabis of any sort is allowed within 1,000 feet of a school, so parents of pupils who consume pot during the school day, must take children 1,000 feet away from campus to administer the, and then return them to school.

These are the conditions under which the marijuana is administered under the new law:

  • The student is a “qualified” patient with a valid written medical recommendation for medicinal cannabis
  • The student’s parent or guardian provide a copy of the recommendation to the school to keep on file.
  • The medicinal cannabis is not stored on campus, and can’t be smoked or vaped.  So, the pot would be an edible, oil, capsules, tinctures, liquids.
  • The parent or guardian sign in when coming on campus to administer it to a student. They must not disrupt the educational environment or expose other students to medi- pot.

Any FDA approved drug can already be administered to a student on campus. If the drug being administered is not FDA approved it is dangerous and possibly child abuse to administer a substance that is not properly identified as to its content, not tested, and not pure. Anti-seizure drugs that have been double-blind tested and approved as effective such as Epidiolex are typically dosed in the morning and evening. There is no reason for a mid-day treatment but if there is even a school nurse could administer it.

This bill is a stunt because it is being proposed just to get a news headline:
“Pot Can Now Be Given By Parents to Their Children At School”

The goal is to continue to mislead the public and the rues that is “medical” marijuana.

“The entire ‘medical’ marijuana recommendation protocol has been a sham from the beginning. Even the pot industry admits that the designation of marijuana as a medicine was just to help get it approved for just getting high. I know personally as I received 3 ‘recommendations’ myself without ever seeing a doctor.”
-Scott Chipman 

“In light of the recent Surgeon General warning against marijuana use by young people we urge Governor Newsom to follow former Governor Jerry Brown’s lead and not to sign this bill. If he signs we urge school boards to opt-out, and we urge parents to contact their local school boards and expose this sham and to educate their children on the dangers of marijuana use.”
-Carla Lowe

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