Assessing the Consequences of Marijuana Legalization

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The Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc. has released a report entitled, A Strategy to Assess the Consequences of Marijuana Legalization.

With the passage in several states of ballot and state legislative initiatives to legalize the production, sale and use of marijuana, there is a pressing need for a formal repository of information related to the public health, safety and other consequences, both of marijuana use and of marijuana legalization, as well as changes in public attitude about marijuana use and policies. This requires a sustained and repeated systematic annual collection, analysis and reporting of these data to the public through an annual report. Future public policy decisions will depend on this information.

This Strategy urges a Congressional mandate to designate and appropriate the necessary funds for the management and coordination of this work using data and research from new and currently existing federal sources.  In addition to a federally mandated reporting system, the Strategy strongly recommends the creation of state-based reporting systems and urges private organizations and foundations to become involved.

For complete paper go to… A Strategy to Assess the Consequences of Marijuana Legalization

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