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A personal message from Kevin A. Sabet, President, SAM and SAM Action

Hi everyone,
First of all, by now you’ve all heard about Vermont! I’m incredibly proud of our team, SAM-VT, which led the fight along with our partners at the Vermont chapter of the Academy of Pediatrics, working with professionals we brought on to help us with strategy, for all of their hard work! Our press statement is here, and a good NBC article can be found here.
But there’s much more going on than the excitement in Vermont, and I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of what is happening around the country:
  • On August 16th, we will host a SAM Summer Summit, in conjunction with the National Conference on Addiction Disorders. This conference will feature our very own Ben Cort, along with Bari Platter, an RN in Denver who has seen the effects of marijuana addiction firsthand. We will also have professors from Johns Hopkins and elsewhere discussing the latest science on marijuana. Special VIP guests will be announced soon. 6 CEUs will be offered. I hope to see you there!
  • We are still working hard in Rhode Island, with our affiliates, the Ocean State Prevention Alliance and What’s the Rush, RI?, along with John Tassoni, SAM Action’s representative in the state. We hope to have some (good) news to report there soon!
  • We are now helping to form coalitions in Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey to fight Big Marijuana in 2017-2018. Tony Coder, our Director of State and Local Affairs, is leading the charge there.
  • If you haven’t downloaded the SAM Action app, please do. You can click here or text SAM to 797-979.
  • We have had a slew of op-eds out in the last few weeks that may be helpful to your work. Here’s mine in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, a SAM-VT member’s op-ed in the VT Digger, and two SAM Rhode Island members’ op-eds in the Providence Journal here and here.
  • We are now offering SAM Marijuana Bootcamps. Email [email protected] for more information.
  • Finally, we launched our new Are We Sure?â„¢ awareness programThis professionally-designed messaging program – some folks who worked on Truthâ„¢ helped us – focuses on science-based marijuana policies will prove useful to your organization. It asks people to think twice and consider what marijuana legalization really means:
  • Big Marijuana, instead of Woodstock-style backyard home grows
  • Marijuana candies and edibles, instead of Woodstock-era joints
  • Wall Street & Silicon Valley billionaire investors, instead of Woodstock era “peace & love”
There are many ways to get the message out!
We are offering a wide variety of awareness products: from stickers to posters to T-shirts to billboards and bus ads. Some examples are below.
Thanks for everything everyone is doing to push back. Together, we win!

Are We Sure?â„¢ 6-foot by 2.5 foot banners on display at a press conference in Providence, Rhode Island
Billboard designs based on the Are We Sure?â„¢ theme
Billboards & other large advertisements:
Interested in really making a splash on the marijuana issue?  Use our artwork on a billboard, bus ad, building-sized poster, or other installation that is sure to draw public attention, and maybe even media coverage!  The billboard and bus sign campaign below received significant press in the Providence, Rhode Island area:
To arrange for your organization’s own billboard or large ad, your group arranges and pays separately for the ad placement, and we work with the ad company to supply the artwork that you pre-approve.  If you use an off-the-shelf Are We Sure?â„¢ design requiring minimal editing or resizing, the price for the design for such an ad is generally around $1,250, which includes the time required to make the ad to the advertiser’s specifications.  More custom designs, such as unusual shapes, sizes, or messaging, may require additional fees.
Similarly, 6-foot by 2.5 foot banners and stands like the ones shown in the first photo of the press conference can be printed and shipped for $109 plus applicable shipping and tax.
11″x17″ Posters:
These smaller-style posters are perfect for office and school bulletin boards, or for displaying or handing out at meetings, seminars, and conferences.
Price: 100 posters for $299, plus applicable shipping and tax.  Discounts available for larger orders.
Mid-size posters (2 feet x 3 feet):
These posters are bigger and can really make an impact on a school hallway wall, classroom, or conference booth!
Price:  100 posters for $549, plus applicable shipping and tax. Discounts available for larger orders.
Wall-size poster (custom sizing):
Cover an entire wall with an Are We Sure?â„¢ poster!  Costs for these vary depending on size, so please email us for a custom quote.
Make a statement about your opposition to the next Big Tobacco to everyone who passes by with these stylish Are We Sure?â„¢ t-shirts.  Printed on high-quality cotton, these come in S, M, L, XL, and 2XL sizes.
Price:  10 T-shirts for $199, plus applicable shipping and tax.  Discounts available for larger orders.
Yard signs:
These 18″x24″ yard signs are perfect for:
  • Yards (obviously!)
  • Making yourself seen and heard at town hall meetings with elected officials
  • Public demonstrations
Price: Varies depending on quantity.  Each sign comes with a metal stake.  Please contact us for details and a quote.
Bumper stickers:
Show your support for our message on your car (or laptop case!) with an Are We Sure?â„¢ bumper sticker!  Definitely a conversation starter!
Price: 100 bumper stickers for $400, plus applicable shipping and tax. Discounts available for larger orders.
Are We Sure?â„¢ Awareness package:
Kick-start your awareness campaign with a full kit of Are We Sure?â„¢ materials, and receive a discount of over 20 percent!  This kit includes:
  • 20 – T-shirts
  • 200 – 11″x17″ posters
  • 100 – 2 feet x 3 feet posters
  • 200 – bumper stickers
  • 2 – 6 foot x 2.5 foot banners
Price: $1,999 plus applicable shipping and tax.

Electronic ads (Facebook, etc.):
We have the capacity to design Facebook ad campaigns; please contact us for additional details and pricing options.


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