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Newsletter – Regional Forum issue 2019

WFAD Newsletter

The World Federation Against Drugs hosts Regional Forums across the globe each year. The aim of the Regional Forums is to gather member organisations and other Civil Society organisations working in different regions to share best practices and strengthen capacity in networking and advocacy work.

Our members continue to work hard all across the world to create change in policies, implementation and better the lives of people facing addiction. With focus on prevention, treatment, and recovery WFAD’s network reaches all areas of the field – moving towards our mutual goal to harness the awesome power of the world’s NGO’s to reverse the drug abuse epidemic by supporting the drug-free goal and the drug abuse prevention treaties of the United Nations.

This Newsletter highlights the past Regional Forum and invites members to partake in the coming forums. This year, USA, India, Singapore and Serbia has/will host regional forums.

Join us in planing for the coming year!
Email [email protected] with you suggestions.

We hope you enjoy!

The Asian Pacific Forum Against Drugs is directed to members in the region working within the area of Prevention.
RSVP by emailing the AFPAD-WFAD Secretariat [email protected]
Including the following details:
1. Full Name
2. Email Address
3. Organisation
4. Designation
Should you require any assistance, please email to [email protected]
(Mondays to Fridays, 10am to 6pm).

For delegates whom are intending to stay at the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel for APFAD-WFAD Conference, please email to room.reservati[email protected] for reservations to enjoy a 15% discount.

For more information, visit National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) Facebook Page or email to [email protected] for assistance.

*WFAD are not able to offer sponsorships for this event.


WFAD is a multilateral community of organisations and individuals that continues to grow, with now over 250 member organisations! Seeing an increase of 30 new members since the 2018 Congress.

With our member’s support and collaboration, WFAD continues to be one of the largest networks within the field. As a member of WFAD you are part of our growing network of organisations and individuals working towards a drug-free world. The membership includes contacts and updates amongst and between members as well as the Secretariat, displaying your activities on the website and social media, participation in Regional and World Forums, as well as the possibility of joint projects, conferences, and other activities in collaboration with the WFAD Secretariat and members. Member organisations have full voting rights at the annual Congress.

The membership is free, however members who have capacity are encouraged to pay a voluntary membership fee.

If you are yet to update your membership, do so via the following link.

Become a member?
Read the platform, guidelines and apply via the following application form.

Regional Forum on Drug Addiction and Recovery
The Balkan Regional Forum on Drug Addiction and recovery will be hosted on the 19-20th November 2019 in Serbia.

The conference is a joint cooperation between World Federation Against Drugs and three leading Civil Society organisations in the Balkan region: Izlazak, Celebrate Recovery and Preporod. With over 240 member organisations WFAD organises a World Forum Against Drugs every two years and hosts regional conferences together with members throughout the year. Izlazak, Celebrate Recovery and Preporod are leading Civil Society organisations working within Recovery. The three organisation deploy a joint project, providing telephone hotline and in-person meeings to active users, individuals in recovery and members of their families.

The Forum will focus on Drug Addiction and Recovery within the Balkan region, bringing together Civil Society, authorities and country representatives. During a two-day Forum, participants are welcomed to a mixture of testimonies, speeches and workshops highlighting themes such as life in Recovery, International standards on prevention, the Icelandic model of prevention, as well as the legal status of cannabis. The Forum will further present the results of the three organisation’s joint project “Choose Recovery” in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia.

The aim of the Forum is to gather member organisations of WFAD and other civil society organisations in the region to share best practices and strengthen capacity within the area of Recovery. In order to carry out a fruitful Forum we welcome your participation in the Conference.

Read more on the website:

Asian Regional Forum Against Drugs in Cochin, India, 25-27th sept.

The Asian Regional Forum Against Drugs was a success! The regional Forums against Drugs are hosted in strategic location throughout the world. This year, Cochin, India was selected to host the Asian Regional Forum Against Drugs. The conference was a joint cooperation between World Federation Against Drugs and the Fourth Wave Foundation, Project VENDA. WFAD and Fourth Wave Foundation are two organisations with vast experience within the field.

We thank all participants and speakers for participating in the Asian Regional Forum Against Drugs 2019 and making it a success. The main objective of the forum was to bring together civil society members, key decision makers and practitioners across Asia to empower and enable advocacy and networking in the region. The 3 days of the forum saw key stakeholders from across sectors coming together to share, understand and plan on how to work together.

The forum engaged over around 500 and more participants from across the world through live streaming online.

The program agenda, key themes and topics discussed during the forum was designed to address issues and solutions at regional and country levels. The general feedback suggest that the forum helped in understanding the perspectives on prevention, care & recovery and various best practices. The forum also examined challenges like stigma associated with recovery, legalisation debates and gender perspectives in dealing with the world drug problem.
The response by the local print and online media was very encouraging. Many of the speakers were interviewed and the media coverage during the conference had opinion articles and best practices stories published. The local press rendered due attention to the conference agenda all three days making the conference message reach target audience of youth and local communities by spreading the message of prevention approach in solving the issue of Narcotics and drugs in our communities and among youth.

See the presentations here.
For more information and videos follow this link.
For photos visit WFADs Flickr page and Project Vendas Flickr page.

The webcast will be available in a months time on the Youtube Channel of Fourth Wave Foundation.

Guest post on WFAD’s Instagram!

WFAD is currently working making our Instagram into a platform for our members to share their work and best practices. By doing so, member organisations of WFAD have the possibility to guest-post on WFAD’s instagram account for a one-or two-week period. We are hoping to create an account that shows WFAD’s many members and their great work, while opting for prevention and recovery — through creating an easy accessible platform for, and by, our members.

Would you like to be our next guest poster?

Send an email to [email protected] and tell us why your organisation should be guest poster on the WFAD Instagram account.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Regional Forum Arizona
Regional Forum and Board Meeting in Arizona, USA.
June 2019
Think Globally, Act Locally: A Global Drug Policy Summit on June 26, 2019 in Phoenix, Arizona.

The program included an impressive group of national and international presenters that you won’t want to miss. Attendees can choose between two informative presentation tracks: “Local and National Impacts of Changing Marijuana Policy” and “International Drug Policy Perspectives and Innovations.”

Around 80 individuals in the US, the Western Hemisphere and from countries around the globe attended the forum , who are all engaged in community drug prevention, policy and public health, health care professionals, advocates and families in recovery, law enforcement officers, local officials and lawmakers, and more.

After the Global Drug Policy Summit, part of the Board of WFAD met for an in-person Board meeting.

Throughout the year, WFAD will host online Webinars that are accessible to all members. The Webinars will be held by different professionals and discussing themes such as:
– Prevention
– Recovery
– Global Drug Policies
We will send out more detailed information including how to access the webinars shortly, until then, make sure to keep yourself posted via our Facebook and Newsletters.

The 62nd Session of the CND – Ministerial Segment
The reconvened Intersessionals with the Commission on Narcotic Drugs were held in December in preparations for the 62nd Regular Session of the Commission on Narcotic Drugs.
In the political Declaration and plan for Action on the international Cooperation towards a more integrated and balanced strategy to counter the World drug problem, adopted in 2009, Member States decided to establish 2019 as a target date or the goals set in the operative paragraph of the Political Declaration. Read more here.

7th World Forum Against Drugs
Every second year, WFAD hosts the World Forum Against Drugs. The World Forum is a meeting place for people from all continents who are working to prevent drug abuse at grass-root, on a voluntary basis, professionally or as policy makers. The World Forum is one of its kind where people from all over the world meet to share ideas and experiences about the work against illicit drugs, based on a balanced and restrictive policy. Read more about the 6th World Forum Against Drugs here and view our Flickr for photos.

The 7th World Forum Against Drugs will be held in Vienna, in connection ti the 63rd Commission on Narcotic Drugs, in March 2020. More information to come.

Are you a member of WFAD and want news from your organization published on the WFAD website or Newsletters? Get in touch with us via email: [email protected].
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