Vaping in Real Trouble in Australia – The Citizens Will Benefit From its Removal!

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The end of vaping in Australia: Nearly all imports of e-cigarettes and refills will be BANNED from next week

  • Importing e-cigarettes and refills containing nicotine into Australia to be banned
  • From July 1 new regulations on vaporiser nicotine are to be brought into effect 
  • Many people bought the products from overseas after sale banned in Australia 

Vaping nicotine in Australia is set to end as the government moves to ban the importation of most e-cigarettes into the country.

From July 1, it will be illegal to import e-cigarettes and refills containing nicotine liquids or salts.

E-cigarette users and retailers had turned to buying the products from overseas after their sale in Australia was previously banned.

‘The Minister for Health, the Hon Greg Hunt MP, requested the Department of Health to work with the Australian Border Force on a new approach to regulating e-cigarettes containing vaporiser nicotine,’ the government’s Office of Drug Control said in a statement.

Under the new regulations, Individuals would need to visit a doctor and be issued a prescription to purchase their nicotine containing e-cigarettes or refills.

Even valid prescription holders would still be prohibited from purchasing the devices from overseas themselves.

Vaporisers and refills containing nicotine would have to be imported by doctors or medical suppliers via a courier or cargo service with express permission from the Department of Health.

Importing the equipment through international mail would not be allowed.

“Popcorn Lung” – all thanks to Vaping

The ban on importing nicotine e-cigarettes and refills would be in line with existing bans on their sale in each state and territory.

The prohibition would last for 12 months while the government conducts a public consultation on the regulation of nicotine products by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The regulation would see nicotine products added to the Poisons Standard making them prohibited permanently with the exception of tobacco cigarettes and products used to quit smoking such as gums and patches.

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