USA: The Foxes INCHARGE of the Hen House – Marijuana Moguls Making Money at Everyone’s Expense

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California Cannabis Markets: Why Industry-Friendly Regulation Is Not Good Public Health

WARNING! “Despite the evidence of negative effects, particularly on vulnerable populations, the balance of cannabis regulation in California, as well as most states in the US, favors industry-friendly regulations rather than true public health protections beyond those gains achieved by eliminating prohibition.”

“Now, more than ever, where states decide not only to decriminalize but also to permit cannabis commerce, it is imperative to ensure that legal access is in fact safe and does not promote more dangerous products that undermine our public health goals. We are still learning what the best practices are for cannabis, but the science is clear from decades of lessons from tobacco and alcohol research that weak safeguards negatively influence public health and do not bode well for the mental and physical well-being of the next generation. Without robust oversight of what industry is intentionally putting in its products (beyond testing for unintentional contaminants) and strict limits on high-potency products, the cannabis industry will continue to evolve in ways inconsistent with the public health.”


For complete article  JAMA Health Forum Health Policy, Health Care Reform, Health Affairs | JAMA Health Forum | JAMA Network

Is anyone listening over the ‘din’ of pro-pot propaganda? A ‘stoned’ populace and a cashed up Pot Oligarch Tyranny (I’ll let you decipher the obvious) are a perfect recipe for continuing this #publichealth disaster. However, it is only the sustainably employed that pay their taxes, and those are being ever move consumed by the harms of this #cannabisindustry and its #toxic #cannabisculture

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