USA: S.A.M Announces Centre For Marijuana Resources

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SAM Announces Online Center for Marijuana Resources
Resource Center for Public Health and Public Safety Clinicians and Practitioners Includes Library and Search Tool
Since legalization has been passed in several states, and marijuana normalization has increased, clinicians and practitioners have been faced with numerous challenges. To respond to these needs, today SAM has announced a new onlineCenter for Marijuana Resources for Public Health and Public Safety Clinicians and Practitioners.
This Resource Center provides clinicians and practitioners in all fields of public health and safety the ability to look up academic references and media articles to find information on a range of issues. The  Resource Library has the latest PowerPoints and videos from clinicians and scientists on a range of subjects. The Resource Tool is a continually-updated search engine for articles related to various topics

This is just the beginning. We will soon be adding information such as:

How do I know if my patients have a marijuana use disorder?
Where can I refer people to help?
What are the signs of a co-occurring disorder?

Is marijuana addiction real? What does it look like?

What are some brief interventions that have proven to be effective?

What are the effects of secondhand marijuana smoke?

Starting today, SAM staff will continue to update the center. If you would like to send us a resource to be considered for inclusion, please email us at [email protected]. 


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