USA: Purveyors of Pot Play Crass Cash Grab Card with COVID Crisis!

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Dear Community Carer,

There’s an old saying, “never let a crisis go to waste.” No one has taken this statement more to heart than the marijuana industry.

As you will remember, last summer the marijuana industry found itself at the center of a public health crisis as thousands of people fell seriously ill and 60 subsequently died as a result of marijuana vaping.

How did the industry react? By using the crisis as a call to action for full federal legalization and commercialization.

Now, the marijuana industry is quickly moving to profit off of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The industry is unleashing its army of lobbyists on state capitols, demanding governors designate pot shops as “essential” and suing those, such as Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, who refuse to bend to their demands.

The result of this: record sales and massive profits.

And while the state-level lobbyists and lawyers are busy working on governors, the industry’s federal lobbyists are demanding Congress include the industry in the next round of federal aid.

To be frank, demanding a federal bailout while you strong arm governors and subsequently brag about your massive increases in sales is disgusting.

I lay all this out in a piece in today’s New York Post, you can read it here.

Friend, we cannot allow Big Marijuana to trick Congress into handing them a massive taxpayer-funded bailout.

Millions of Americans are staring down unemployment, lost wages, and uncertainty about their future. And a whole host of healthcare workers are daily fighting the fight against this virus.

If anyone is deserving of federal aid, it are those who most need it – not an industry openly bragging about profits.

Click here to send your representative in Congress a message urging them to see through Big Marijuana’s charade. Tell Congress: No Pot Money Bailout.  

Thank you for all that you do,

Dr. Kevin Sabet

President & Co-Founder

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