USA: North Dakota PEOPLE over POT PROFIT Campaign Begins!

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Dear friend,
Last month, an upstart effort by a college student resulted in the placement of a legalization ballot initiative in North Dakota. SAM Action has been extremely active in Michigan already, and so we began the process of ramping up operations in North Dakota. Measure 3, the North Dakota initiative, creates  an addiction-for-profit industry that  puts   pot  profits  over people .  Today, our Chief of Staff, Luke Niforatos, and our Marijuana Accountability Coalition coordinator, Justin Luke Riley, kicked off our formal campaign –  Healthy and Productive North Dakota – and we launched a series of billboards and social media ads in key North Dakota markets.
SAM Chief of Staff Luke Niforatos, joined by local North Dakotans, in Fargo today.

Measure 3 would allow for limitless THC potency  and possession amounts – it is an incredibly reckless, greedy initiative. Law enforcement would have a hard time even prosecuting any DUI offenses.
Billboard seen across multiple sites in North Dakota
Thankfully, scores of medical doctors, employers, treatment providers, drug prevention professionals, business owners, employees, law enforcement officers, and parents have come together for form Healthy and Productive North Dakota.
The marijuana industry is going all-in for the states in which it is working to legalize. They are salivating at the opportunity to expand their profit-driven scheme in a new state – and even more anxious to do so in a state with virtually no regulations.
SAM Action is doing everything we can do help educate voters on the dangers of marijuana commercialization, and so far we have had a very successful year so far.
Legislative efforts to commercialize marijuana have been defeated in five states this year, and we have held up New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s pro-pot agenda for over 250 days. That is truly remarkable and proves that legalization is not inevitable.
But as we near the elections, our resources are being spread thin. Can you chip-in with a donation today to help SAM Action continue to defeat marijuana commercialization across the country?
Every dollar you can give is a dollar that will go towards fighting more stoned drivers on our roads, more youth using marijuana, booming black markets, and increasing mental health issues.
Thank you for all that you do,
Dr. Kevin Sabet
Founder and President
Smart Approaches to Marijuana Action

About SAM Action

SAM Action is a non-profit, 501(c)(4) social welfare organization dedicated to promoting healthy marijuana policies that do not involve legalizing drugs. SAM Action engages in high-impact political campaigns to oppose marijuana legalization and commercialization.


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