USA: NO Government Bail Out for Pot Pushers

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Dear People,

As you know, the pot industry is engaging in a full-court-press effort to get a taxpayer-funded bailout from Congress under the next round of COVID-19 stimulus aid.

It has mostly been industry organizations calling for this. But now, some of the industry’s biggest supporters in Congress have introduced a bill to make it happen.

Representative Earl Blumenauer of Oregon and Representative Ed Perlmutter of Colorado introduced HR. 6602, the so-called “Emergency Cannabis Small Business Health and Safety Act”, that would take the unprecedented step of subsidizing federally illegal pot businesses in the midst of a health crisis.

The bill would allow pot shops access to loans, incentives, and other taxpayer-funded benefits. All while the industry has been openly celebrating record profits as its lobbyists have strong-armed state leaders into declaring pot shops “essential.”

These two members of Congress have taken at least $118,000 from Big Pot, so it comes as no surprise that they are now blatantly doing the bidding of the industry.

It is absolutely galling that when so many businesses are sacrificing to protect the health and safety of the American public, pot shops would simultaneously demand to stay open and then request a federal bailout.

We cannot let this fly under the radar.

Click here to send your representatives in Congress an urgent message telling them to oppose this outrageous bill and any other similar language the pot industry tries to sneak into any stimulus bill.

Once you’ve sent your letter, please consider chipping in to help us continue this fight by clicking here.

As you know, Big Marijuana has practically unlimited resources as it is dead set to become the next Big Tobacco.

It is up to supporters such as yourself to help prevent this.

Dr Kevin Sabet

Co-Founder and President

Smart Approaches to Marijuana



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