USA: New York Medical Society Concerns over Cannabis Legalisation

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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Thomas J. Madejski, MD MSSNY President January 10, 2019


MSSNY members are familiar with my strong concerns regarding legalization of recreational marijuana and potential severe consequences with regards to expanded use on our fellow citizens individually, and as a society. There are a number of financial considerations that continue to push for expansion of marijuana use.  Potential tax revenues are enticing. A 2018 state report estimates state and local taxes to range from $248 million — with a 7 percent tax — to $678 million if New York were to enact a 15 percent tax.  Big Tobacco is salivating about becoming Big Marijuana with the acquisition of commercial marijuana growers in other states, and obtaining novel delivery systems for a new potentially addictive substance.

This week I welcome the statement of the New York State Association of County Health Officials’ (NYSCHO) that MSSNY signed onto earlier in the week: “County Health Officials serve as the first line of defense in our communities, and they have seen up close the devastation associated with the abuse of legalized prescription opioid medications. While the addictive risk of opioids is different than marijuana, we are very concerned that the legalization of marijuana will similarly result in unintended, harmful consequences for countless New Yorkers.’’

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