USA: Meth, Homelessness and Chaos – Decriminalisation not the answer – re-task existing legislation for recovery focus!)

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METH MAYHEM: LA’s homeless meth addiction epidemic fueled by CJNG drug cartel, enabled by Prop 47, DEA says 

LOS ANGELES – The meth addiction epidemic gripping the homeless community on the streets of Los Angeles is being fueled by Mexico’s Jaliso New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and is being enabled by California’s Prop 47, the DEA said in an explosive interview with FOX 11.

But most troublesome to Bodner is the amount of CJNG drugs finding their way to Los Angeles, where the cartel has an extensive network. It’s not unusual for Bodner to seize one hundred, two hundred, three hundred, or four hundred pounds of meth at one location. Bodner says LA’s street gangs then act as intermediaries with the cartel, breaking up the meth and putting it out to street dealers. Those street dealers then prey upon the addicts in Los Angeles.

The results have been devastating.

FOX 11 filmed video on one afternoon across the street from LAPD’s Central Division in downtown Los Angeles, showing multiple addicts shooting up or smoking meth in public. In one video, a man approached another man who was smoking meth, asked him for some, took a hit, and then kept going on his way. A hooded drug dealer also approached the FOX 11 crew, offering to sell crystal meth.

One homeless man told FOX 11 he used to be an addict but quit because he had a stroke. He showed FOX 11 numerous staph infections all over his body and said he’s been living on the streets for 2 years.

Bodner tells FOX 11 he believes California’s Prop 47 is playing right into the cartel’s hands. Prop 47 changed drug possession from a felony to a misdemeanor, which he thinks is enabling this addiction cycle.

“There’s no reason to be afraid of shooting up in public. There’s no motivation to go to treatment. They used to be given a choice, do you want to go to jail, do you want a felony conviction, or do you want treatment?” Bodner added, “Now, they get a ticket, tear it up, throw it away, and they’re using drugs the same day. So, it has not worked.”

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