USA: Massachusetts Steps into Marijuana Madness!

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November 20, 2018
CONTACT: Pat Brogan [email protected]
Massachusetts Opens its First Recreational Pot Shops Despite Overwhelming Evidence Showing its Negative Effects on Society 

Commercialization of marijuana starts today in Massachusetts
(Alexandria, VA) –¬†¬†Today, recreational sales of marijuana are slated to begin in Massachusetts two years after the state narrowly voted to legalize. In response, Dr. Kevin Sabet, president and founder of Smart Approaches to Marijuana released the following statement: 

“Today is the beginning of a dark time for the Bay State. We are proud to have seen the majority of municipalities in the state move to ban pot shops or move to slowly consider the ramifications of allowing Big Pot to set up shop in their neighborhoods. We would encourage communities to continue to consider the consequences legalization could have on their state, especially with the recent release of astudy that found each dollar in tax revenue costs the state of Colorado $4.50.
“Moving forward, SAM will work with local partners to expose this predatory industry as it brings the harms we have seen in other legalized states to Massachusetts. Increased drugged driving, higher rates of youth exposure, skyrocketing poison control calls and emergency room visits, and a thriving black market are part and parcel in the states that have unfortunately chose to go to pot. We expect Massachusetts will continue this trend.”


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