USA: IBH – Latest Release. Denying uptake in formative years best practice!

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Reducing Future Rates of Adult AddictionMust Begin with Youth Prevention

These findings show that prevention messaging targeting youth must address all of these three substances specifically. Most current prevention efforts are specific to individual substances or kinds and amounts of use of individual drugs (e.g., cigarette smoking, binge drinking, drunk driving, etc.), all of which have value, but miss a vital broader prevention message. What is needed, based on these new data showing the linkage of all drug use by youth, is a comprehensive drug prevention message: no use of any alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other drugs for youth under age 21 for reasons of health.5 6 This no use prevention message provides clarity for young people, parents, physicians, educators, communities and for policymakers. It is not intended to replace public health prevention messages on specific substances, but enhances them with a clear focus on youth.

For complete PaperĀ  NO is Best Practice


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