USA: Cannabis in the US Food Chain – Involuntary Exposure to Harm!

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Implications of Non-Consensual Unleashing Cannabis Teratogenesis and Neuroteratogenesis on Whole Unsuspecting Populations in North America


I am advised that the present US farm bill will essentially legalize cannabis across the USA, including its ability to be sold for animal feed, which will introduce cannabinoids into the food chain via meat and dairy food and eggs.  It would appear that no proper public debate has occurred on this issue.  I am further advised that Europe has allowed cannabis to be used freely as stockfeed for several years now.  However, Switzerland has not allowed this to occur due to concerns of unbridled and unmeasured amounts of cannabis in the food supply, and its access to pregnant females and growing children.  Then Swiss concern is apparently that cannabinoids might have effects on the developing foetus or growing children, and in particular in their brain growth, development and wiring during their formative years.  A good question therefore is which approach is correct — the European approach or the Swiss approach??  And why do we really need to have an open discussion anyway??  With 22% of Californian teenagers recently testing positive for cannabis, the issue is far from trivial 1.

For complete paperCannabis in the US Foodchain via US Farm Bill 2ReeceDec2018


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