USA: Big Marijuana is Curse and the Nation is Waking Up!

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SEPTEMBER 28, 2018

Beware of Big Marijuana.  A nationwide movement is fighting back against the marijuana industry, and the victims will no longer be silent.  The Marijuana Victims Alliance (  has harsh words for the marijuana industry.   Parents Opposed to Pot, as well as national anti-marijuana organization, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), focus on stopping the marijuana tsunami which is already taking over the country.  National Families in Action writes of the latest studies and reports about marijuana in its blog, The Marijuana Report.

Moms Strong is a critically important website which shares the stories of parents whose children have lost their lives because of marijuana.  It serves to inform and warn others.  Marijuana Science Forum doesn’t take a stand against legalization, but the science presented on its website states the facts, and those facts are  sobering. When the Smoke Clears has another excellent page devoted to facts. The group posts very effective graphics on its Facebook page.

Drug Free America Foundation works in opposition to all drugs, recognizing the marijuana is usually the drug of initiation drug for young people who die of drugs.  All of us are united and support each other.

Help us stop the commercial marijuana industry.  If these groups have a Facebook and Twitter presence, please follow or “LIKE” them. Those simple actions can raise the profile of all groups that fight against BIG MARIJUANA.

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