US: Pro-Pot Lobby now on ‘defensive’!

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Don’t expect feds to move on marijuana soon, panelists say

A cashier rings up a marijuana sale July 1, 2017, at the Essence cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas. (John Locher/File, AP) 

A cashier rings up a marijuana sale July 1, 2017, at the Essence cannabis dispensary in Las Vegas. (John Locher/File, AP)
By Colton Lochhead Las Vegas Review-Journal November 17, 2017

More and more states have dipped their toes into legal marijuana, but don’t expect lawmakers in Washington D.C. to make progress on the issue anytime soon.

That has people in the marijuana industry and its supporters feel more like they’re playing defense just to keep the status-quo going.

That was the sentiment Friday from a panel of two marijuana lobbyists and two lawmakers, including Nevada Rep. Dina Titus, discussing what’s happening in terms of marijuana legislation during the last day of the sixth-annual Marijuana Business Conference and Expo. in Las Vegas.

“We were gaining momentum. But now that’s flipped and we’re more on the defensive,” said Titus, who is seen as one of the biggest cannabis supporters in Congress.

Twenty-nine states plus Washington D.C. have legal medical marijuana, and eight of those states, including Nevada, have legalized recreational use.

Now, people are watching to see what happens with the federal law that has allowed those states to go mostly unimpeded into the cannabis market.

That law, called the Rohrabacher-Blumenhauer amendment, prevents the U.S. Department of Justice – now headed by noted marijuana opponent Jeff Sessions – from using federal funds to interfere with state medical marijuana programs or prosecute businesses that comply with state laws.

“That’s the only thing holding (Sessions) back,” said panelist Michael Liszewski, with The Enact Group, a marijuana lobbying and consulting firm.

The amendment is set to expire on Dec. 8, and its future is uncertain after a group of Congressional Republicans blocked it from being attached to the DOJ appropriations bill in September.

Rohrabacher, who was also on the panel, said Republican leadership in Congress promised him that it would be re-inserted into the bill. For complete article FEDS NOT GONE TO POT – YET?


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