UK: You Keep Promoting ‘safer drug use’ and you’ll always get this!

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Spice vape: Warning as nine collapse in Greater Manchester

16 July 2019

Image copyright GREATER MANCHESTER DRUG ALERTS PANEL Image caption Chemicals tested in the liquids were found to contain the same chemicals found in Spice

Nine young people have collapsed after unwittingly using a vaping liquid containing the synthetic drug Spice, it has emerged.

Health agencies have warned people to avoid products sold as “THC vape juice”, “THC vape pens” or “THC oil”.

Greater Manchester Drug Alerts Panel said it knew of six incidents since February where people had been taken to hospital after inhaling the drug.

Greater Manchester Police is investigating.

The vaping liquid, marketed as a “natural cannabis”, has also been sold as “cannabis oil” or “cannabis vape juice”, the panel said.

It was sold as both a 10ml bottle and a ready-filled cartridge.

Two incidents in the Oldham area led to five school-age children collapsing and being rushed to hospital.

Michael Linnell, who coordinates Greater Manchester Drug Alerts Panel, said the liquids contained the same chemicals as found in Spice.

The panel, which brings together police, NHS, local authorities and drug user support agencies, said incidents occurred in Rochdale, Oldham and Bury between February and June.

Manchester has faced problems with the widespread use of the drug in recent years, with one MP describing the situation as a “crisis” andĀ asking for government help.

Also known as Mamba, Spice was formerly referred to as a “legal high”, beforeĀ it was outlawed in 2016.

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