UK: Smart University – But Why Media backing Drug Users/Pushers?

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University won’t turn a blind eye to drugs

Nicola Woolcock The Times Dec 2018

Students will have to sign a form confirming that they are aware the Buckingham University campus is drugs-freeCHRISTOPHER KATSAROV/AP

Buckingham University aims to become Britain’s first drugs-free campus, as part of its vice-chancellor’s plans to tackle the mental health epidemic in higher education.

But Sir Anthony Seldon has far bigger plans: he wants students to adopt healthy eating, cut out heavy drinking and embrace the benefits of exercise so that they are at peak mental fitness. Buckingham announced last year that it would become Europe’s first “positive university” to address the crisis in student mental health.

The university’s drugs-free policy is explained to students at matriculation. Policies included in its handbook state that the campus is expected to be drugs-free, and students have to sign to confirm that they have read it.

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