UK: Skunk now ruling the market and the minds of the users!

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Mental illness risk as ‘skunk’ drives out milder cannabis

Chris Smyth, Health Editor – February 28 2018, The Times

Almost all cannabis sold on British streets can cause psychosis after weaker forms were driven from the market.

The most potent “skunk” accounts for 94 per cent of all cannabis seized by police, up from half in 2005, according to the first study for almost a decade.

Dealers are thought to be pushing higher-strength products to get recreational users hooked, with the milder hashish form barely available, researchers say.

Skunk, also known as sinsemilla, is made from unpollinated cannabis and contains higher levels of THC, a psychoactive compound, than herbal marijuana or resin, also known as hashish.

Now researchers at King’s College London have analysed almost 1,000 samples

“The increase of high-potency cannabis on the streets poses a significant hazard to users’ mental health,” said Marta Di Forti, senior author of the paper. “It’s a big worry. It’s pretty much the only kind of cannabis you can buy out there.”

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