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BDP Launches The First Recovery Orchestra In The South West

Bristol Drugs Project are very excited to announce the launch of the first Recovery Orchestra in the South West! The orchestra will join its family of arts and recovery groups, which already include Rising Voices Recovery Choir and Stepladder Drama group, which have both been running for 4 years.

Starting in February 2019 and meeting for an initial 8 weeks, the recovery orchestra will be creating and writing music together leading up to a performance at the end of March.

Sophie, from BDP, says: I was inspired to set up a recovery orchestra when I came across New Note Orchestra in Brighton in September 2017. Our recovery choir, Rising Voices, had been invited to take part and perform in the Music Dare conference, and New Note were there too. Witnessing the impact playing music together had had on their members, I wanted to come back to Bristol and do the same thing! It seemed like the logical next step for the arts recovery groups at Bristol Drugs Project, and for the arts and recovery scene in Bristol. A year and a half down the line, we have funding from Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra to run an 8 week pilot of our very own Recovery Orchestra!

Led by local composer and conductor, Jon James, the Recovery Orchestra will welcome anyone who can play an acoustic instrument and has had issues with drugs and alcohol or is in recovery.  You don’t need to be able to read music, beginners and experienced musicians are welcome, and you don’t have to have used BDP or ROADS services to take part.

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